Introduction about the Team.

Architectural Definitions by the Principal Architect: Ar.Sivachelvan.R

Prominent Architectural Concepts

Pattern in Architecture : When a Dot – Line – Shape or Form is repeated in any sequence or order it becomes a Pattern.

Proportion in Architecture : The Size / Volume or any Geometric valuation in relation to a reference object, of a Shape or Form is the ‘Proportion’ of that designed Space or Object or Building Component.

Termination in Architecture : The way in which a starting Point / Shape or Form of any line or building component starts, and ends or completes its movement around the building or through any space will be called ‘Termination’.

Juxtaposition in Architecture : The overlapping or near positioning of one shape/form with another shape/form/object is Juxtaposing and the confirmation of the placement becomes ‘Juxtaposition’. One of the best techniques – mostly used in the Zoning & the concept planning stages of any Design Process.

Repetition in Architecture : ‘Repetition’ is the Art of placing – combining – merging dots/lines/shapes and forms according to various requirements of the design process to create the best possible outcome in any form. A technique used in all processes. The Principal Architect’s Design Philosophy – ‘ In Good repetition, you will find God! you do repetition in the wrong way, it will create hell for you! ‘